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CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Sonuz: the winning?

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CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Sonuz: the winning?



Cooler Master has sent us through its brand CM Storm, a mechanical keyboard and a stereo headset. The first is intended for Gamers diehard while the second is more versatile and probably enjoy a range of important person. What is beautiful and fun during the long summer days, leaving it to the tan side and frag like hell? Yes indeed!

Mechanical keyboards are back on the scene and are adored by the players. Speed, accuracy, sensation. Impossible to board a rubber dome keyboard after letting go of a good mechanical keyboard.

The mode does not seem to worry G42 Battery Storm since it prefers to get a stereo headset, but after all, it is not better good headphones means that even low-end 5.1?

Keyboard CM Storm Quick Fire Pro

The Quick Fire Pro is thick, and not a little. Unpacking, a slight “ah yeah, anyway!” lets himself tenderly hear. It measures 454 x 155 x 31mm. a weight of 1.3 Kg Yeah, stability issue on the desktop is a must. In addition, the keyboard based on four shoes slip and can be identified with two clips. The look is aggressive, no curve.

Her black dress is enhanced with a backlit red part. This part is the word, only the Z / Q / S / D, A / E / R / F / W / X / C, 1/2/3/4/5, F1/F2/F3/F4, Esc function key, the spacebar and the arrow keys will be of red. Damage to the text input in the darkness will be many mistakes. But for a keyboard “gamer”, the backlight is applied to the keys “useful.”

3 levels of intensity are available plus a choice between the traditional Z / Q / S / D pad or A / Z / E / R / Q / S / D / F / W / X / C. There is also a mode “breathing” valid two previous modes.

It gathers a gaggle of function keys and multimedia keys F1 to F12 function key accessible via wedged between the right HP Pavilion DV6 and Windows key. Characters and symbols on the keys using a different font. Cooler Master likes to replace the Windows logo by the CM Storm. A big Quick Fire is displayed on the space bar.

Under laser etched keys, this keyboard uses mechanical switches brand Cherry. It is possible to choose among switches colors brown, red, blue and black. These switches are becoming very popular among players for their qualities. For each of them, the race before activation is only 2mm to 4mm maximum stroke, something to be very accurate. Below is an overview of different switches in Cherry.

Black MX offers a linear travel. These switches have no sensation back. Ideal for FPS or premium on speed sensation back.

The pressure necessary for the activation is 60 grams. What to avoid as much as possible typos. But in return they are known for tired fingers

MX Blue has a click and a slight return. A switch for versatile word processing and games but alas it is noisy.

The pressure required for activation is 45 grams with a peak at 55 grams just before activation.

Activation is audible click.

Brown MX Blue is like a compromise between the game and word processing. It requires a force of 45 grams Latitude E6400 with a peak of 55 grams before activation.

Light tactile feedback as to whether the key has been activated

MX Clear switches are a variation of MX Brown; they require additional 10grammes to activate (55grammes/65grammes at the most resistant).

They provide tactile feedback more important than the MX Brown

MX Red is a variation of Black MX with only 45 grams of pressure to activate. Penetrates easily.

No sensation back but potential typos important. Ideal for gaming but highly noisy

The model received in writing using MX Red switches, happiness for its speed of execution, a misfortune for word processing. The simple fact of having a misplaced finger immediately gives a typo. The fact that only asks to activate Pavilion G6 Battery 45grammes really does not help.

That said, game is a joy. We really feel that the actions occur more quickly; running very low and the pressure required less are involved in this regard.

Quick summary of the features:

Backlight part

Braided USB cable 1, 8 m, removable

Fashion 1000Hz,

10 anti-ghosting keys,

Cherry MX switches red / blue / brown / black with a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes

Game mode disabling the Windows key.

CM Storm Headphones Sonuz

After a helmet High-end 5.1 rather successful (The Sirus tested writing here). CM Storm us with a stereo headset a little more versatile and accessible, Sonuz.

Unpacking, it is really impressive. On the head, the feeling of having a “big” helmet is (smile your companion mocking your pace is very far!). The quality is however the appointment.

Sonuz is the “go anywhere” less typical than the Quick Fire Pro keyboard that’s true, but its orientation must be versatile for something. Despite its large size, its original form can make it less “massive”.

Sonuz adopts the gray; it gives a touch of modernity and abandoning the design more attractive in terms of players of his big brother, and then opens to a wider audience. Note the presence of a small grid behind each ear which enhances the visual aspect.

The helmet will be supported on the top of the skull, a simple foam block is present for better weight distribution Compaq Presario CQ62 and a fortiori any discomfort. The foam block is a little cheap; it would have been wise to hide under a leatherette strap for example. Other two pads are part of the course and it is those who surround the ears.

The helmet is closed, but the foam will pass though the sound. Leaving a shallow immersion as if there is some noise around you.

Very tight initially, it will take good sessions “run-ins” to relax the plastic is no longer feeling the pressure helmet after this time, the headset turns pleasant after an hour you feel against the effects by of foam, that is to say ears very hot but not necessarily boiling.

As usual, we can only advise to pause periodically to ventilate the ears (and mind at the same time).

The microphone is removable and may be placed either to the left or right. Such a choice seems strange knowing not to go in this direction could lose a few dollars on the final product. In fact, very few people care to have a microphone to the left or right. We appreciate the effort though CM Storm gives the consumer a choice.

For the technical part of the restitution:

Two loudspeakers 53mm diameter

A frequency response of 10-20 000Hz,

Impedance 45Ohms,

A braided cable 2m.

Foam ear to 97mm diameter

Micro for:

Omni directional and removable

A frequency response of 100 to 10 000Hz,

A signal / noise ratio of 58dB.

Price: € 69.90

Rendering Sound: Music

Music is the weak point of many headsets 5.1 that use spatial instead of dv6000 Battery actually having the number of HP each side as does e.g. Tritton. With headphones, no worries to make the sound output are very good even if the rendering is a bit bland.

Sound reproduction: Film,

Like in music, there are good treble, midrange and bass. The only problem in the film, during a quiet passage, it is the lack of insulation headset that lets too many external sounds.

Sound reproduction: Games

Tested on Diablo III Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Borderlands, the sound is more than acceptable. We see that the helmet has been designed for the game even if it makes no shade to the tenors of the day, it delivers benefits honorable.


What can we learn from these two devices that offer serious advantages but also some constraints blocking enough for some.

Quick Fire Pro keyboard:

First of all we love the look of the Quick Fire Pro; Cooler Master Dell Latitude D630 is granted the right to change the logo of Windows keys for a nicer effect. Then the red backlight is welcome even if you bitterly regret it is not used on the entire keyboard.

Despite this the main buttons “Gamer” have the backlight, and it is only when returning Windows, a search where a chat message that you will need a light source sufficient, especially as groping switches turns very (too) quickly.

There repel some for its Cherry MX Red switches that are far from friends of writers! After a good amount of time dedicated to adaptation to style switch, it will always be typos but many more limited, as each change keyboard, the keys are arranged a little differently, a greater height important, larger keys …

The sensitivity of the keys is a real plus for the game despite absent sensation activation, actions are performed faster and take pleasure to be able to push his buttons more easily and crush his opponents.

Maybe one passage on MX Blue would be more interesting for versatility.

Red MX switches that sink with lightness and speed for gaming sessions Inspiron 1525 always pleasant and intense

Look sharp and distinctive,

The 10 anti-ghosting keys.

The thickness of the keyboard and therefore the lack of a wrist rest,

The backlight limited to certain keys

MX Red switches unsuitable for processing text.

CM Storm Headphones Sonuz

This helmet is as versatile as it finally announced by Cooler Master. Whether it is music, games or movies, Sonuz is doing brilliantly even if it does not, however at the ankle of the best at the moment. The sound is still a bit bland music but if you are audiophile will necessarily be a range a little higher.

However, for a price of € 69.90, it will easily find its place and HP Pavilion DV7 deserves its label. It will take a bit to widen the arch, after a few days it will exert more pressure on the ears. The foam insulates the atria environment well enough but not enough to fully immerse them without turning up the noise if next.

The weight is well distributed, the foam on the arch helping to maintain and good stability.

The length settings are numerous, although we would have liked to see a setting width to accommodate larger heads that will be difficult to support the time extension of the helmet.

The versatility of sound

Style teardrop

The large 93mm headsets.

Side the solid

More gray mat that lose consistency with keyboards “gamer” brand,

The foam on the arch that does not follow the general quality of Sonuz?

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